Adapt or Die

The science, politics, and economics of climate change

Edited by Kendra Okonski
Published 2003 by Profile Books

Kendra Okonski

Chapter 1 – PDF
Could global warming bring mosquito-borne disease to Europe?
Paul Reiter

Chapter 2 – PDF
Barriers to barriers: why environmental precaution has delayed mobile floodgates to protect Venice

Dominic Standish

Chapter 3 – PDF
Climate change: the 21st century’s most urgent environmental problem or proverbial last straw?
Indur Goklany

Chapter 4 – PDF
Is Kyoto a good idea?

Martin Ågerup

Chapter 5 – PDF
Sustainable energy for the poor
Barun Mitra

Chapter 6 – PDF
Energy for the poor? The Clean Development Mechanism
Andrew Kenny

Chapter 7 – PDF
Warming aid, chilling trade?
Julian Morris

Chapter 8 – PDF
How Europe’s risk regulations affect business
Martin Livermore

Chapter 9 – PDF
Bootleggers, Baptists and the global warming battle

Bruce Yandle and Stuart Buck

Chapter 10 – PDF
Climate change and civilisation collapse

Benny Peiser

Chapter 11 – PDF
The political economy of climate change
Carlo Stagnaro