On January 12, 2007 Member States were asked to provide additional comments on the document prepared by the Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG), entitled “Elements of a global strategy and plan of action – progress to date in the Intergovernmental Working Group”. This was prepared by World Health Organization’s (WHO) Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health. On July 31, using comments submitted by 15 Member States, WHO then issued “Draft global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property, report by the Secretariat.” Subsequently, the IGWG will submit to the Sixty-first World Health Assembly, through the Executive Board, a global strategy and plan of action to provide a medium-term framework based on the recommendations of the Commission.

This report is a response from a global coalition of concerned civil society groups, which builds on our previous submission to the WHO – the Civil Society Report on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Health.2 It will examine resolution WHA 59.24 – the origins of the Commission’s institutional legitimacy – in which the World Health Assembly established its terms of reference

Sponsoring Organisations:
Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan
Asociación de Consumidores Libres, Costa Rica
Cediquifa, Argentina
Center for Science in Public Policy, Hudson Institute, USA
Centro de Investigaciones de Instituciones y Mercados de Argentina
Centro de Investigaciones Económicas Nacionales, Guatemala
Congress of Racial Equality, USA
Free Market Foundation, South Africa
Fundación Atlas 1853, Argentina
IMANI Center for Policy and Education, Ghana
Initiative for Public Policy Analysis, Nigeria
Institut Constant de Rebeque, Switzerland
Institut für Unternehmerische Freiheit, Germany
Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economía y Política, Ecuador
Instituto Liberdade, Brazil
Instituto Libertad y Progreso, Colombia
Instituto Libre Empresa, Peru
International Policy Network, United Kingdom
Institute of Public Affairs, Australia
Instituto Veritas, Honduras
Istituto Bruno Leoni, Italy
Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, Israel
Liberty Institute, India
Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong
Minimal Government, Philippines