Sustainable Development

Promoting progress or perpetuating poverty?

Press release: 15 August 2002

Edited by Julian Morris
Published 2002, Profile Books

Chapter 1 – PDF
Reconceptualising sustainable development
Julian Morris

Chapter 2 – PDF
Climate change: The 21st century’s most urgent environmental problem or proverbial last straw?
Indur Goklany

Chapter 3 – PDF
Does it pay to be green? Some historical perspective
Pierre Desrochers

Chapter 4 – PDF
Why Africa is poor
George Ayittey

Chapter 5 – PDF
Unsustainable Development, Latin Style
Fabiano Pergurier & Gilberto Salgado

Chapter 6 – PDF
The Soviet Experiment – Lessons for Development
Charles Steele

Chapter 7 – PDF
Green Accounting
Martin Krause

Chapter 8 – PDF
Environmental Protection & the WTO
Alan Oxley

Chapter 9 – PDF
A Climate of Uncertainty in the Greenhouse Century
Robert Balling Jr.

Chapter 10 – PDF
Energy for Sustainable Development
Robert Bradley Jr.

Chapter 11 – PDF
Do conservation conventions conserve?
Jonathan Adler

Chapter 12 – PDF
Forest conservation and development: the role of institutions
Douglas Southgate

Chapter 13 – PDF
Sustainable Development and Marine Fisheries
Michael de Alessi

Chapter 14 – PDF
‘Desertification’ – international conventions and private solutions in sub-Saharan Africa
Mary Tiffen & Michael Mortimore

Chapter 15 – PDF
Water – Can property rights and markets replace conflict?
Roger Bate