The Water Revolution – Practical Solutions to Water Scarcity

Edited by Kendra Okonski

Publication date: March 2006

Executive Summary – PDF

Hernando de Soto

Introduction PDF
Kendra Okonski

Chapter 1 – PDF
Comparing 20th Century trends in US and global agricultural water and land use
Indur Goklany

Chapter 2 – PDF
Incentives matter: The case for market valuation of water
Andrew P. Morriss

Chapter 3 – PDF
Reforming water policies in Latin America: Some lessons from Chile and Ecuador
Douglas Southgate and Eugenio Figueroa B.

Chapter 4 – PDF
Poor provision of household water in India: How entrepreneurs respond to artificial scarcity
Laveesh Bhandari and Aarti Khare

Chapter 5 – PDF
The rain catchers of Saurashtra, Gujarat
Ambrish Mehta

Chapter 6 – PDF
Water governance in China: The failure of a top-down approach
Wang Xinbo

Chapter 7 – PDF
The reality of water provision in urban Africa
Franklin Cudjoe and Kendra Okonski

Chapter 8 – PDF
How not to reorganise an industry: Privatisation, liberalisation, and Scottish water
Colin Robinson